Training and Development

Leadership and Management

A micro-workshop that will provide a practical five stage leadership model and offer management tips that are designed to improve employees' leadership and management skills.

Recruitment/Interview Techniques

A micro-workshop that will help you recruit employees most suitable to your organization.

Orientations and On-Boarding

A micro-workshop that will help new employees and internally appointed supervisors get off to a successful start.

Team Building/HR Strategic Plans

A micro-workshop that will improve team relations, and the work effectiveness of your teams.

A micro-workshop on how to develop an effective HR Strategic Plan, based on your unique needs.

Performance Management

A micro-workshop that will provide ideas on how to develop an enhanced and  effective Performance Management form and system.


A micro-workshop that will provide an engagement model designed to enhance your employee committment.

Running Effective Meetings/Agendas/Meeting Minutes

A micro-workshop on running effective meetings and the preparation of effective committee agendas and meeting minutes.

Conflict Resolution

A micro-workshop that will provide a conflict resolution model which will help you solve difficult problems.

Human Resources Service Delivery Model

A micro-workshop that will provide an advanced HR model to gauge and improve the effectiveness of your Human Resources Services.

Terminations and Lay-offs

A micro-workshop which will help you administer employee exits in a fair manner.

Mentoring/Succession Plans

A micro-workshop on developing an effective mentoring and succession plan.

Presentations to Council/Groups and Communication Skill Development

A micro-workshop for all employees that will improve verbal presentations.