HR Temporary Assistance

If you need help because of work overload, HR resource manpower constraints, maternity leaves, or HR assistance of any kind, I would be pleased to help.

HR Strategic Plans

Strategic Plans can help you provide the right, and the most effective HR services.

They can ensure all of the HR staff are going in the same direction.

I have a few different types of Strategic Plans that will help ensure an even more effective and efficient HR department.

Performance Management

Most Supervisors and Subordinates, from many different organizations, have told me that the Annual Performance Review process does not work.

Coaching moments are usually more effective.

I have ideas to enhance your Performance Management processes  that have been proven to engage supervisors and subordinates.



Training and Development

See Training and Development page for information on micro-workshops offered.

Training is very important.

I have excellent training courses in Leadership/Management, Communications (Public Presentations/ Effective Meetings) and many other areas of HR.

Also, training based on the 70%, 20% and 10% HR rule can significantly improve the skills of your employees.


If you lack time or would like a comprehensive hiring process to help you find the best candidates I have processes to help.

Recognition Programs

Saying thanks to employees is so important. It boosts morale and employees who receive genuine thanks are so much more engaged in their work.

I can help develop effective recognition programs.

Succession Plans

It is important to identify and develop your top talent.

It is important to work hard on the engagement services you put in place; this will help your employee retention.


On-Boarding and Orientations are very important to help employees get off to a successful start.

They can also be very effective in ensuring that employees internally promoted to supervisors get off to a successful start.

I have On-Boarding and Orientation ideas to help new employees and new supervisors get off to a successful start.

Exit Interviews/Stay Interviews

Doing Exit Interviews are important but it is too late; employees are leaving.

We need to be doing more Stay Interviews, and working hard to ensure the right questions are asked, to garner helpful suggestions.


Conflict Resolution

Often, supervisors do not deal with employee performance matters when they should (at the time they are happening). Performance matters are stressful and difficult.

We often do not train our supervisors in conflict resolution, yet expect them to solve conflicts effectively.

Solving conflicts is hard; people are not easy.

A Conflict Resolution Model and  Conflict Resolution training could help significantly.


We need to be doing more Mentoring.

One-on-one Mentoring programs, between Mentors and Mentees, are excellent; but there are many other Mentoring programs that can also positively impact your organization.

HR Policies

Due to day- to- day responsibilities and workloads, often  HR Policies become outdated and do not suit modern organizations.

Or important Polices are not in place because HR does not have time to prepare them.

I have the time and expertise.


HR Organizational Reviews

If you need assistance with the HR structure and roles of your HR Department employees, my background in Planning, and 25 plus years of experience as a Supervisor and Manager will help.

I have developed a comprehensive HR Service Delivery model. If this model is implemented in your organization it will help improve your HR Services and employee engagement. The result enhanced customer service.